Receiving your purchase

Receiving your purchase

It is the customers responsibility to be available for purchases being delivered by truck/LTL delivery. The trucking company will call before the delivery to make up a time acceptable to both the customer and the trucking company. Should the customer not be able to accept the delivery it is the customer responsibility to convey this to the trucking company.

If the trucking company tries to deliver the purchase at the allotted time and the customer is not available there will be a re-delivery fee which will be the customers responsibility to pay.

If the customer cannot be reached within a reasonable amount of time by phone or email to set up a delivery date and time the purchase will be returned to our warehouse the original cost of shipping the purchase to the customer, return shipping cost to the warehouse, and a restocking fee shall apply.

Upon delivery of your purchase please inspect the shipping carton for any outside damage to the carton. Please open and inspect the product you received while the trucker is waiting if he refuses to wait, write on the BOL
(bill of lading) that the trucker did not wish to wait and you did not inspect your purchase to see if it was whole or damaged.

Please note: It is the customers responsibility to receive, inspect, and note the condition of the products received on the BOL (bill of lading) presented to you by the trucker to sign. If you sign that the product was received with no comments, it releases the trucking company from any liability and responsibility for damages that may have occurred in shipping. So for both our sake please inspect and write a comment

If there is any damage please accept the delivery do not refuse it! Note the damage on the drivers receipt / BOL, and call us right away 1-908-840-5555 and report it to our customer service dept. If we are not available please leave a message!

Do not throw out the carton; we will need a picture of the damaged carton so we can get you another item in an expedient fashion!

Please assemble your purchase as soon as possible. There is a 5 business day window to file a complaint with either the trucking company or the manufacturer so time is of the essence. If there is any damage or missing parts please call us right away 1-908-840-5555 and report it to our customer service dept.

Products that are defective or damaged will be taken care of by one of our customer service representatives. We reserve the right to ship the part needed to repair an item that has been received defective. If the new part will not repair the product to brand new condition, an exchange of merchandise will be made at no expense to the buyer.

By making a purchase at you are agreeing to abide by Avantecor Incs. policies, terms, and conditions.